When I need a sweet treat one of my favorite places to go is Flour Mill Bakery in Rossville.  It’s a short peaceful drive in the country and the smell of fresh baked goodies outside the shop is wonderful.  Opening the door of the Flour Mill Bakery the smells of homemade doughnuts and cookies enrobe you. They offer everything from fresh baked goods such as muffins, breads, pies, cookies, donuts and so much more.  Besides all of the sweet treats they also offer spices, flour, noodles, cheeses, jams, honey and other items.  They are open from  8am to 3pm Tuesday.  7am to 4pm Wednesday through Friday and 7am to 3 pm on Saturday.











Flour Mill Bakery.  6580 W County Road 800 N.  Rossville, IN.  765-379-9995.  Hours: Tuesday: 8am to 3pm. Wednesday-Friday: 7am to 4pm. Saturday: 7am to 3pm.









Here are just a few of their baked goods and items they sell in bulk.











I buy these every time I go to Flour Mill Bakery.  They’re called Bumblebees and they are so soft, buttery and full of cinnamon!  Warm them up in your microwave for just a few seconds for an even more special treat!









I was on a cinnamon kick the day I visited.  I walked away with this tray of homemade cinnamon rolls.  Very rich and even more delicious when warmed up!









A bit of my yummy mess.  Don’t worry though, I cleaned that plate very well!