When I find a new bakery it’s not just about finding something good to eat.  I love seeing the owner behind the counter presenting their delights or visiting with a regular customer who has their opinion of what is best in the store.  I also love to see how bakeries are decorated or arranged.  The Klein Brot Haus Bakery Cafe in Brookston is unique in many ways.  Besides offering goodies such as cookies, brownies, pie, and other treats they also have a soup and salad bar and offer breakfast, sandwiches and other great meal options.  There are tall shelves stocked with fresh made breads, jams, honey and other retail.  There is plenty of seating to enjoy breakfast with your sweetie or a meal with friends.  Be sure to make a stop to the Klein Brot Haus soon!  For now check out pictures of the bakery and some of the goods I purchased while there.







Klein Brot Haus Bakery Cafe.  106 E 3rd Street.  Brookston, IN. 765-563-3788. Hours: Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday: 6am to 4 pm. Friday: 6am to 5pm. Closed Monday.







The bakery case full of cookies, bars, muffins and other sweets!







Fill up your coffee cup or warm up a cookie!







Relax at one of their tables!







I couldn’t wait before the picture to take a bite!  This chocolate chip cookie is amazing!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see where else I went in Brookston!