After Linden I headed to Crawfordsville. I’ve been there many times usually just passing through or to check out Cabbages and Kings Antique Mall.  This time I got out and walked around and drove into areas I had never been before.  I was very excited when I found La Rose on Main, an antique shop that I had never been to before.  I talked to the owner Marcheta who has had the shop for 31 years.  It started out as a wallpaper and paint store where she had some antiques. Although they still offer window treatments the shop is all about antiques now.  Marcheta owns everything in the store and is proud of it.

She offers everything from beautiful vases and jewelry

to odds and ends like vintage medicine bottles and washboards.

There is even an area dedicated to everything Elvis.

My favorite part was upstairs.  I am a huge fan of women’s vintage clothing and she has a huge selection along with menswear.

My jaw dropped when I reached the top of the stairs.  Dresses, robes,shoes, hats, jewelry, scarves and so much more!

While your there check out Marcheta’s vintage sportswear.  These sportswear items come mostly from Indiana and that is where they will stay.  She takes great pride in her collection and none of the items are for sale.  She respects the people who have worn them and have given them to her. Marcheta believes that it’s only fair to the people who once wore them that they stay on display for everyone to see.

That’s Marcheta’s Yell Leader skirt and sweater from when she attended Alamo High School in Indiana.  She made it clear to me that she was not a cheer leader, but a yell leader.

This is a senior skirt.  I had never heard of this tradition, but seniors use to draw their interests or inside jokes on their skirts or pants.

Be sure to stop by La Rose on Main when visiting Crawfordsville.     124 W Main Street. Crawfordsville, IN. 765-362-1707. Hours: Monday to Friday- 10am to 4 pm. Saturday: 10am to 2pm. Closed Sunday.

Check back again tomorrow for more from my visit to Crawfordsville!