As I was heading home my sister noticed B&K Rootbeer.  The sign said homemade rootbeer and I couldn’t pass up the chance to try some.  We pulled in and immediately started drooling.  Tenderloin, cheeseburger, spanish hot dog, their menu has it all.  The waitress came to our window and we ordered two rootbeers and a Cheese Steamburger.  What is a Cheese Steamburger? We had no clue until it arrived at our window.  We opened the box and much to our surprise this is what we got.






And this is what it looks like after a big bite.






The Cheese Steamburger is ground hamburger drench with cheese sauce and served on a bun.  Yum!! After a few bites it was time for a big gulp of homemade rootbeer, served in a frosty mug of course!







The rootbeer was smooth and sweet. A great ending to my meal!

Here’s their menu, but read at your own risk.  You may drool!























B&K Rootbeer







B&K Rootbeer. 511 Northwestern Street. Monticello, Indiana. 574-583-3844.